A creative digital factory

100 % Made in Senegal

A creative digital factory

We are a creative digital factory that — armed with a small, young, dynamic and motley crew – creates original concepts for a Senegalese public (see more)


We started in 2009 by creating, a local Platform that helped Senegal’s cultural sector share information about its events. We wanted the Dakarois to know where to go out. It was appreciated and a community was created, one we learned to animate and bring together. Businesses noticed us and wanted to call on us to manage their digital image and presence.

NelamServices objective is to conceive web/mobile platforms with a sustainable impact and to help local and international organizations develop thanks to digital tool that been tailored to their needs. To this end, developers, graphic designers, journalists and social media experts work daily to create digital solutions for the local environment. Because, above all else, NelamServices is dedicated to offering its country and clients creativity and expertise in digital communications drawn from a perfect understanding of Senegal’s digital environment. Thanks to in particular, NelamServices partner network encompasses the Senegalese cultural scene we accompany and that is ready to support our projects. NelamServices has also conceptualized and developed an entire series of top-of-the-line personalized products and services for a variety of clients, such as Samsung, Orca, Tigo and Baobab Entrepreneurship’s forward-thinking platform, Concree.


For our clients, NelamServices has a very clear mission: increase VISIBILITY & READABILITY.

To achieve this we push ourselves to express our creativity leaning on a savoir-faire that is decidedly modern, yet deeply rooted in our Senegalese roots.


  • corporate
  • culture
  • social impact


They allow us to show our competencies and test new techniques.


  • Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Copywriting


Our vow to contribute to Senegal’s technological boom in a significant and innovative way has brought us awards and distinction and we hope this is just the beginning:

  • Winner of Dakar’s first Startup Weekend in 2012, thanks to the project “My African Touch.”
  • 2014’s startup of the year, according to the Internet Society – Senegal Chapter (ISOC/SN)

    “The prize has been determined […] for the « startup of the year category» goes to of Nelam Services, for innovation in the socio-cultural and events sector and for the diversity of proposed products”

  • Best web and digital strategy company at the Jambar Tech Awards after our subversive campaign: don’t vote for us!
  • Best Senegalese business (startups) led by women and evolving in the ICT or using ICT in its activities P.E.N.F for Yaay